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My chronological look at Doctor Who continues this evening at 6:50 PM PST with Inferno (episodic version.) my favorite of Pertwee's first series as the Doctor. I'll keep raving about the stories that do something different (and do it well) like Planet of Giants and The Mind Robber. Like those, Inferno takes us somewhere unexpected - this time it's Earth, but in a parallel dimension (pull out the sashes and grow a goatee... er, um... wrong show.) The neat thing about this first series of the third Doctor is that it's a lot of the Doctor (and UNIT) battling the arrogance of humans - I'm omitting Spearhead here, and that's only 4 of 25 episodes. As I keep going on about it, I will concede that this story does suffer from padding - but maybe only one episode's worth. The Hinchcliffe years of 5x4 & 1x6 part stories will solve this problem for me. However I still give this one a 4/5.

I will try to continue the marathon tomorrow morning, as I get to go in late...
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