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The US version of the series Coupling has finally started to move onto it's own path tonight. The first two episodes were very much a word for word (occasionally tweaked and/or deleted) remake of the original British series. For viewers who have watched the original series, this was painful to watch. For the uninitiated, it probably looked just bad (the actors just were not acting - or if they were, they were acting as planks...) This week was a story that I clearly did not recognize from the original Steven Moffat scripts, and it almost good. The highlights that are rescuing this train wreck: Steve and Susan have discovered that they are in a "normal" relationship - and that neither they nor their friends know how to deal with it; Patrick having a problem finding a car that looks good on him (and how Jeff "helps"); and Jane's stalker that she eventually has to follow. I commented in my bLog entry of 9/29 that I planned to continue to watch this series - partially because it's between Will & Grace and ER, and partially because I held out the vague hope that it would get better. I think it may actually be getting better. Time will tell...