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Tuesday brought forth a new episode of Good Morning Miami with a new office dynamic - Jake got Dylan (yea!) and Gavin and Penny got together. It's a cute little comedy, which used to be between Will & Grace and ER. If I continue to watch the Tuesday line-up, I'll probably continue with Good Morning Miami. But that was last night - tonight is Wednesday. Ed was good. I think the new season will continue to be good. The big thing tonight was Angel. It's defiantly much lighter: The sets, the scripts, and the sky!!! Angel and the gang (Wes, Fred and Gunn) are now in charge of the L.A. branch of the law firm Wolfram and Hart (that multi-dimensional corporation, with a lot of evil demons - and some humans - as clients.) I have to be honest, I haven't much cared for Angel - probably because it was always taking itself waaaayyyyy too seriously - and haven't been paying attention to it (except for the crossover last season...)

Ok, Angel's son Connor is but an erased memory (they always say that adding a child to the show can kill it off...) and Cordelia is in a coma (and look what that did for Faith.) But add in a staff of all sorts, including Angel's secretary Harmony (yes, she's back) and fresh from the medallion that helped to save the world from the first (dum da da dum dum dah!) Spike! Oh, this is going to fun...

So, I think I may manage to keep up this year. Oh, and dont forget a splash of otter with your pig's blood...
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