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Well, the season premiere of NBC's new Must See TV lineup... Friends was Friends - lets just hope everyone stays together, though Rachel and Joey probably wont considering he'll have his own show next year... Will & Grace was Will & Grace. Ok, these aren't negative statements. Both shows are still enjoyable, but there's not really much left to say about them... What is worth a little discussion is the US version of Coupling. Now if you're like me - and have actually seen and like the UK version - then you're going to look at this and say "Rubbish!" Well, it's nearly a word for word re-enactment of the original - except stiffly acted. Now, since maybe 0.2% of the US has seen the original (maybe more, possibly less...) then it may be a hit - as no one else is going to have a comparison.

Since it is the test pattern between Will & Grace and ER, I'll probably be watching it (in the vague hope that it may actually get better???)

Now on to ER... I was a bit distracted, but I think I may like the new season. I think the addition of Parminder K. Nagra as Neela Rasgotra is going to great. It's nice to have a bright fresh face on the show (not just the actress, but the character!) I'm already impressed (and no, I haven't seen Bend it Like Beckham...)

The full Must See lineup begins in earnest next week when Scrubs returns...
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