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Ok, I thought I'd like to catch Whoopi on NBC, but I seemed to miss that one. Caught the season opener tonight of Enterprise. It was a continuation of a "we were attacked, so we're going to hunt you down (despite the fact that we don't know where you are)" storyline. Sound familiar? This was my annual check up on the series, and I'm still not impressed with it. However, a new series started tonight called Jake 2.0. Super I.T. Man (a.k.a. ??ber Geek, Jake Foley) becomes Super Agent Man by way of an accident in a secret bio lab (ok, very brave scenario - he thwarts the theft of secrets, but a shoot-out causes some shrapnel with experimental substance to lodge in his arm.) I guess you can call it the Bionic Man for the mew millennium - if you had to put it into a quick comparative (which is probably how it was pitched to network execs...)

Ok, it wasn't so much a case of we can rebuild him - more of a case of nano-technology rebuilding and improving Jake. And of course it wouldn't be a spy story if there weren't a terrorist (IRA type in this case) interested in Jake's little upgrades. The agency that Jake works for wants to use him for their purposes. And, of course, Jake has a girl he's interested in - which the IRA guy is interested in, but in a purely "professional" way...

Jake saves the day, and the girl (but she doesn't know it, being unconscious at the time) and now he gets to be a proper - and elite - agent. Overall, a good pilot-pilot (as in sets up the framework,) but will it go the way of ABC's 1996 Spygame or last season's Birds of Prey on WB? Only time will tell...

Still, worth a look. Jake 2.0 airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on UPN.