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I've had a soft spot for this quirky drama since it first premiered. Unfortunately, I've missed a good deal of the past two seasons - including last years finale (well, they moved it and I managed to miss it...)

Ok, I thought I'd like to catch Whoopi on NBC, but I seemed to miss that one. Caught the season opener tonight of Enterprise. It was a continuation of a "we were attacked, so we're going to hunt you down (despite the fact that we don't know where you are)" storyline. Sound familiar? This was my annual check up on the series, and I'm still not impressed with it.

Today is my 33rd birthday. I chose to keep it calm, and stay in. Well, it wasn't entirely my choice. I needed to do my laundry (the machines were in use yesterday...) so I stayed in and worked on my web site while the loads were going. I pretty much treated it like any other Sunday. It must be a sign of age to not want to "whoop it up" for the anniversary of my entrance to this world.

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