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The Doctor Who marathon continues this morning (because I'm working late today...)

Day two of my personal Doctor Who marathon began at 9:05 AM PST with Planet of Giants (movie version.)

Doctor Who celebrates its 40th anniversary this weekend (the 23rd at 5:15 PM GMT, to be precise.) To celebrate, I am doing a marathon of the complete serials of the first two Doctors (with brief stops to change the laundry...)

Every now and then a commercial comes along that makes you want to spit milk out of your nose (providing that you are actually drinking milk at the time.) Tonight I saw such an advertisement...

NBC has already axed it's version of the BBC comedy Coupling. Ok, initially it sucked - BIG TIME!!! But it was staring to break away from being a poor carbon copy, and starting to find it's own way in the world (well that third one I didn't recognize as a BBC script...) but that's not the end of the story - they are apparently planning to do a version of the BBC mock-u-mentary series The Office.

"Mommies and daddies always come back." is a wonderful quote to comfort young children when their parents go out and leave them at home. In this instance, it's a sad statement.

(...or I Hear Dead People on Groundhogs Day)

The US version of the series Coupling has finally started to move onto it's own path tonight. The first two episodes were very much a word for word (occasionally tweaked and/or deleted) remake of the original British series. For viewers who have watched the original series, this was painful to watch. For the uninitiated, it probably looked just bad (the actors just were not acting - or if they were, they were acting as planks...)

Tuesday brought forth a new episode of Good Morning Miami with a new office dynamic - Jake got Dylan (yea!) and Gavin and Penny got together. It's a cute little comedy, which used to be between Will & Grace and ER. If I continue to watch the Tuesday line-up, I'll probably continue with Good Morning Miami.

Well, the season premiere of NBC's new Must See TV lineup... Friends was Friends - lets just hope everyone stays together, though Rachel and Joey probably wont considering he'll have his own show next year... Will & Grace was Will & Grace. Ok, these aren't negative statements. Both shows are still enjoyable, but there's not really much left to say about them...

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