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It's been talked to death for the past couple of days, and now for my $0.02 worth of web-space on the "wardrobe failure" incident of the Super Bowl.

My 40th anniversary Doctor Who marathon continues today at 2:45 PM PST Nightmare of Eden (commercial episodic version.)

My, it has been a while - but the Doctor Who marathon continues today at 12:00 PM PST with Destiny of the Daleks (episodic version.)

My 40th anniversary marathon of Doctor Who continues today at 1:30 PM PST with The Key to Time, part three - The Stones of Blood (commercial episodic version.)

It's been awhile, but the marathon continued at 1:05 PM PST with The Sunmakers (episodic version.)

Having taken the holidays off from my marathon, I now resume at 8:00 PM PST with Image of the Fendahl (episodic version.)

My Doctor Who marathon continues tonight at 6:40 PM PST with Horror of Fang Rock (episodic version.)

I ended up skipping last night, but I now continue today at 9:30 AM PST with The Deadly Assassin (episodic version.)

Tonight at 7:15 PM PST I continued with my marathon with the start of the 14th series story the Masque of Mandregora (episodic version.)

My marathon continues this afternoon at 1:15 PM PST with Android Invasion (episodic version.)

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