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This is the final entry for my "This Week" section. It started off as a silly joke, based on a sketch from "The Fast Show", that took on it's own life. It also started it's life when I was in rut, doing pretty much the same thing day after day. Since then, plenty of changes have gone on - be it friends, lovers, work, my car, &c... So, here now, is the final installment of DVillage's "This Week". Up at 8:00 AM (went to sleep around 12:00 AM). Went to work, went to friend's. Wore jeans, t-shirt, print shirt. Ate donuts, BBQ Pork Sandwich, pizza, mozzarella bites, chicken, bread, crackers, cupcake, ice cream. Drank milk, water, spakling pear. Listened to mixed CD, BBC Radio 2. Watched cartoons, Captain Midnight (ch 11), Doctor Who, War of the Worlds, Time Machine. (went to sleep around 2:00 AM.)
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