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Harry Enfield to play Douglas Adams' holistic sleuth. Read all about it here...
Ken and Jerry (dot) com is now open for business...

This just in: Cheese lumped in with Twinkies in kiddie advertisement ban on British TV!
I left off with moving out, after eight and a half years of marriage. Now we embark on the beginning of my new single life...

 JEM and I on Plane

As a reward for completing 36 orbits around the sun, and to celebrate the semi-anniversary of my current relationship, my girlfriend and I decided to escape the blistering San Jose heatwave and fly to Las Vegas.

That was smart...

I've had a lot of changes to my life in the past 18 months, and I've been negligent in writing them in my bLog. I mean, what's the point of having one of these web log thingies if you aren't going to write anything (ok, that really was a complaint of an old friend of mine who has her own blog, so she would know a little about that sort of thing.)

Here now is a brief review of the past 18 months...

I know I'll be crucified for this, but sod the tragic small plane incident of the 50s. Today is the day that the music died, when John Peel succumbed to a heart attack while on vacation.

I take my title from something I actually did this weekend in San Diego (about 600 miles from home) while attending Comic Con. I say attending like I was there the whole weekend, but I really only was there for a day and a half. I went down specifically to see Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright from the new film Shaun of the Dead (go see it, it comes out in September) and their panel was on Sunday - so arriving late on Saturday was no big deal.

I had hoped to actually write in this bLog thingy a bit more frequently. It started off reasonably well, but then I haven't really given it much thought for the past few months. Possibly it's because the world is pretty much the same (well, not really...) or I'm just too damn lazy (possibly hitting the nail squarely on the head.)

I thought that today was going to be just your average day. Go to work, hang out with a bunch of like minded people (geeks like me...) watch some television. It pretty much was an average day, except that it was book ended by death.

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