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I really haven't had much drive to update this site for a while. For the past three years I've been back in school - in fact, the last time I wrote anything substantial was about the end of my first term. The first year of classes was me just taking some classes to expand my mind a little. When I embarked on the second year, I had decided to pursue certificates with the plan to continue on to a degree if I had failed to land a job. Guess, what. At the end of this month I graduate with two Associates of Science degrees - Web Programming and Web Administration - and with high honors (yes, that surprised me as well).

Since my area of study was Web Programming and Administration, it seemed a shame that my own internet "properties" have fallen into disrepair. So I started with this - my very first domain - and began with fixing up the theme a bit. The site uses Joomla 2.5, and since the upgrade from Joomla 1.5 the theme hasn't been very well utilized, I decided to try and create a custom theme. There's something about a clean theme, and this one reminds me a little of my old MoveableType environment. The logo has also been updated (I've been taking a graphics arts class this term, and now know a little more of how to use Adobe's Creative Suite...) it now uses the altered Albertus typeface that was used in the Prisoner TV series, and the text is filled in with the HD BBC Test Card.

Speaking of the BBC, my old BBC clock was a Flash based widget - which meant it didn't work everywhere - so I discovered that a BBC web engineer had designed an HTML5 version of the clock. All I needed to do was adjust the dimensions and colour, and add the static graphics. Sadly, there will always be items that don't play on all systems - the last article I published before this one contains a music video from Vimeo, which appears to be Flash as well...

One of the other things I started to take care of (and hopefully caught all of) was missing images in the articles. Various moves from various platforms over the years, a lot of the images and internal links were broken. Also, a lot of the dates are wrong (or indeed missing) and I'll try to fix that as I have time. It may be a simple fix (created v. published dates showing up)

So hopefully, for the few of you who stop by, this site will look and work a whole lot better. 

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