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I've been on a vacation of sorts for the month of February, and now it's time to call an end to it - in a way...
For those of you who I see or converse with on some sort of regular basis know that I was laid off at the beginning of February.  I decided that I would take it easy for the month, as even most of my vacations tend to be a lot of work.  I originally planned to not even look for work until March, but I still applied for about six jobs (in addition to two that I had put in for in December, I kind of knew I wasn't going to last much longer.) 

March begins, in earnest, the job hunt.  Part of the severance package was the three month use of an out-placement service.  So, it's spruce up the old resume (actually, as an exercise I made up my resume in September - I just had to update the "present"s to "2009") and talk about what I want to do, and how I can expect to do it - I guess will be the service.  The problem is that my most recent industry has been downsizing across the country for years, and there aren't many positions available - so I'm actually looking to move into the hybrid industry of technology.  It makes sense as a progression of my working life: Paper Delivery-> Book Seller-> Film Exhibitionist-> Recording Retailer-> Radio and Television Broadcaster.  So, logically, the next form of information and entertainment distribution is the computer.  Apple has iTunes, and NetFlix has it direct distribution service now, so there are some tech businesses that have branched into replacing the old exhibition system.

But, I don't necessarily need to continue in the entertainment end of things - but I'll probably get a better sense of things after my out-placement sessions.  Only time will tell...
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