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I don't want to talk about freaks being charged with crimes, embassies being bombed, Austrians as governor. No, this entry is dedicated to a few of the random spots I've found myself visiting on the World Wide Web (and that's what having a bLog is all about, isn't it...) First off, a site selling products of an inspirational nature: Despair, Inc. Not your typical nuggets of inspiration, the people at Despair, Inc. tell it like it is. For example "Teamwork: A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction." Like all other motivational products, sayings like the one quoted are accompanied by a picture of wildlife or scenes of natural awe. Well worth a look or even a purchase.

Next (and this is in no particular order) a fake Error-404 message. I don't really have to say much, other than it's quite humorous...

Now on to a series of shorts produced for the BBC called Look Around You. These are parodies of your basic educational films. These feature and were co-written by Peter Serafinowicz (the wonderfully deep voiced actor from Spaced, the 99p Challenge and - yes - the voice of Darth Maul...) While I haven't had a chance to actually watch these; the web site is full of scientific mumbo-jumbo (and I mean that in that it's all silliness.) Check out the periodic table, and don't forget to take the quizzes. Oh, and there are some clips (the titles sequence is just perfect...) You can also purchase the DVD at Amazon.co.uk, but be warned - it's a region 2/PAL format DVD.

I think I've taken up quite a few words, but before I spell check and publish this entry, I thought I'd point you to a couple of timely sites. Timely, in that they deal with two aspects of counting the passage of time. The first is a look at Calendars Through the Ages. Lunar, solar, Julian, Gregorian - all sorts of methods of recording the passing years. The precise amount of days a solar year is, why we have leap years, and why is October the tenth month and not the eighth (as it's name would suggest.) The second site (actually another part of the same site) deals with Daylight Savings Time. The history of the standardization of time, and the haphazard implementation of DST; who came up with the idea, and who put it into practice first. Both sites are well worth a look.

Well (as Mr. Barker and Mr. Corbett used to say at the end of their program) it's goodnight from me, and it's good night from him...
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