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I have combined the lesser used bLogs (Dexter's Auto bLog, Bike bLog and the TV Corner bLog) into the Tally Ho bLog. The Tally Ho now also displays, and has achives by, categories to more easily find entries from the newly combined bLogs.
Due to over SPAM-ing of, and the apparent hi-jacking of it (I could not log in as admin anymore,) I have removed the guest book. Not that very many people actually used it...
Added Dexter's Auto bLog, and removed the Andy Kaufman Return's bLog link as well as the KTEH schedule bLog (I just don't have the time or energy to put into it...)
Added a new bLog to my site. This one is to log daily bike rides. Something that I hope to continue as long as the weather is rideable...
The Dead Like Me pages in the TV Corner have been reformatted to utilize the style sheet.
HTML codes in the original bLogs were imported as regular text. These have been fixed.

Also have applied CSS to the bLogs so that they work similar to the rest of the site.
The front page is now back to it's "normal" state, with ad-links added.
Changed the CSS formatting for links to be permenantly bold (instead of bold only when hovering.) Also removed CSS format instructions from each page and put them in a proper CSS file, which will facilitate any batch format changes in the future.
Changed over to a php guestbook. Much more swanky than my old html one... And I've added a java clock to the menu.
Moved the whole site from SBC-WebHosting service to A Small Orange. I now get twice the disk space (which I don't need) for a fifth of the cost (which I do need.) Unfortunately, the old Updates bLog could not be exported successfully from the old site - though all the other bLogs were...
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