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Blindness Movie PosterWhile I have no intention to see the film Blindness, I will categorically state here that the National Federation of the Blind's protest of it is ludicrous.  From what I've seen and heard about the film, it's basically Day of the Triffids without the Triffids.  It's not about blind people, it's about a mass of people suddenly - and I believe all at once - going blind.  That's going to cause a panic, and yes these people will be portrayed as "monsters" because no one can rely on anyone else - and when that happens, society breaks down.

In Day of the Triffids the people who were blind before the incident were portrayed as very positive characters.  It was the normally sighted people that, when faced with sudden blindness and no one to help them, started to behave as uncivilized "monsters."  Then, as with any other disaster, pockets of sighted people started to prey on the blind - much in the same way the eponomous monsters fo the tale do.

In the end, it's about the frustration of sudden change, and how we all need each other to get through life.  When you can't perform the seemingly routine stuff, and no one can help, you will either curl up and die or lash out viciously.  All the National Federation of the Blind is going to accomplish is to drive people to see this movie.  You can read about their protest here.

The nominations for the 78th annual Academy Awards came out within the past week. I fared better this year than last year, having seen four nomiated films prior to the nominations (as opposed to one last year!)

What do you do if you're a wealthy octogenarian widow in the 1930s? Well, if you're Mrs. Henderson, you buy a west-end theatre (because sitting on charity boards, and taking up tedious hobbies just won't do...) You also hire a fantastic producer, and put on the best show ever. The problem is that when you have a hit formula - in this case a non-stop revue - all your competitors steal your idea and your audience... So how do you compete with that? You spice up your show, the only way a wealthy octogenarian widow in the 1930s could, with live nude women! Mrs. Henderson Presents is the true story of Laura Henderson (Judi Dench), Vivian van Damm (Bob Hoskins), and the stage revue that revolutionized British entertainment.

Boy meets girl, girl meets incredibly large ape, boy looses girl. It's the oldest story in the world - or at least for the past 70 years - and the king of the modern epic - Peter Jackson - does one of the best remakes with his version of King Kong.

I went to go see the latest Harry Potter film, thinking that it was the middle of the week and it had been out for over a month that I should have no problem getting in. To my surprise, the showing I was heading for was sold out. So I decided to see a film I had intended to see on the day of release, but failed to do so.


shaun1_medium.jpg Shaun of the Dead is a romantic comedy with zombies, co-written by Simon Pegg (Big Train, Spaced) and Edgar Wright (Spaced, Asylum.) Shaun, played by Pegg, is a late-twenties slacker with a deadbeat friend - Ed (Nick Frost - Spaced, Sofa of Time) a dead end job, and a relationship that's going nowhere.

Took a little poll, realted to the IMDB's top 100 movies of all time (or at least as of right now...) Amazing to realize there's some films that I've wanted to see that I still haven't.

Well I'm sitting here just wasting time, tooling about online and watching Office Space on the television when it occurred to me that it's been over a week since I said that I'd write something here at least once a week.

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