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Dexter is now a legal resident of California, with a shiny new California number plate (5NIH550).

Dexter is sick again. This time it's his electrical system.

Everyone in the apartment complex thinks that Dexter's a neat little car.

Dexter's brake surgery went well, though it went a bit longer than expected. Now he's up and running - and stopping!

I knew that Dexter was going to require some attention upon arrival (as all new arrivals do...) but I wasn't expecting to have to do major work to the bake system quite so soon.

Unfortunately, Dexter has to stay home in bed for a few days. His braking system needs attention, and we have to order the parts. Luckily the nice people at MiniMania sell the parts.

If I am lucky, Dexter will be up and rolling by the weekend.
Dexter is a funny little boy. He doesn't know quite how to stop. He did so well during his first day in the City in the South of the Bay, then as night began to fall he started to loose his restraint. Unfortunately this resulted in a cracked number plate - but no other injuries (to him or his passengers.)

So today he is seeing Doctor Midas about this problem, and while he's there his fluids will be changed out as well.

Named Dexter.
Weight 715kg
1340 mm tall and 3054 mm long
He's a red head, with white streaks.
Arrived in my world this morning at about 8 AM.

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