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If you took a look at my Say Cheese section, you will see that I am a self proclaimed lactovore. This means that I eat a lot of cheese.

Another thing that I consider myself to be is an anti-vegetarian. That's not to say I've not eaten plants. I've been known to eat lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers - ok salads. A lot of vegetarians tend to believe that people should not kill others in order to eat, but appear to have no qualms about ripping bits off of other life forms (and in some cases ripping out their reproductive systems!) So, just because plants are not part of the animal kingdom, vegetarians feel they have the moral right to exclusively consume them.

Just because you can't hear a plant scream when you rip it's leaves off (or pull it's roots out, or tear it's ovaries off) doesn't mean that it can not feel pain. Just because a species doesn't behave in a familiar way to humans, doesn't automatically put it into a special category that allows for the torture, maiming and killing of it's members without feeling any guilt. If you are going to feel guilty about eating animals, then you should feel guilty about eating plants.

This is Cutesy Carrot, spokes-vegetable for the Bolder Vegetable Rights Association.

Click it to go to the B.V.R.A. site.

So, if you've looked at the This Week section, you can look at the sort of things that I eat (quite often on a regular and repetitive basis.)

Dairy tends to be on the top of my list, primarily cheese. There used to be a time when I'd eat a brick of cheese like a candy bar. Milk and ice cream are also consumed, though I do not add butter to things (I have no problem with things being made with butter.)

Meat is a big part - primarily hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwich meats (a.k.a. things that go with cheese.) I don't eat ham for the same reason I don't eat a lot of vegetables - the taste , but I will eat other pig based products. I've pretty much stuck with the primary meats - Cow, Bird, Fish, Pig, Lamb - mostly because I don't frequent establishments that do the more exotic animals (Ostrich, Emu, Bison, &c...) which is fine, as they are probably more expensive. Though, speaking of expensive, one culinary vice (other than cheese) that I have is Sushi! I tend to go for Salmon and Tuna, but have eaten other fishes. As this can get very expensive, I tend to eat sushi less frequently (and usually with chicken teriyaki.)

Other food stuffs: Breads (mainly bread and tortillas) Cereals (Life, Cheerios) Snacks (crackers, chocolate, cookies) Drink-wise, I keep away from caffeine - so it's mostly water, tea, root beer (not Barques!), Sprite, and fruit drinks.

Well, that's my eating habits in a nutshell. I'll probably die of a massive coronary in a few years, but at least I'll have enjoyed my diet - instead of worrying about it. If I come back as a cow, do me medium rare please :o)
Cheese is at the top of my food group pyramid, so much so that I consider myself to be a "lactovore". There once was a time that I would eat a block of cheese like some people eat candy bars.

My current favorite is Smoked Gouda, and constantly have Mild Cheddar and Monterey Jack (both bought in 2 pound blocks at Costco!) in the fridge for daily consumption.

Here you will find some things relating to cheese that I have accumulated - or found - that I felt like sharing.

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If you have any thing to add, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cheesy Quotes
"Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese."
-Juniper "Joon" Pearl Benny & Joon

"I wear the cheese, the cheese does not wear me."
-Man in the dreams Buffy the Vampire Slayer #4.22

Cheeseballing (v.) /chez'-bäl-ling/ 1) Making out.
Example: "I was cheeseballing this girl at the Dairy Queen and she had crazy nacho breath!"
From the "Slang-i-nator" at the now defunct vissor.com

DPrisoner (Feb 2002, with hat on backwards - silly man...)

History of DPrisoner
DPrisoner was my first e-mail address with AO(hel)L. I wanted Prisoner, but it was taken, and at that time AO(hel)L had a maximum character count that prevented me from getting ThePrisoner.

The reasoning behind the use of D/The Prisoner came from the television series of the same name starring Patrick McGoohan. Not only have I been a fan of the series for most of my life (I was around 6 years old when I first watched it) but I am also the sixth child in my family and have been referred to by many names (including my female siblings!!) and by my number - the same number that McGoohan's character was referred to in the series.

When in the early 90's I found myself doing some college radio, I decided to go by the pseudonym "The Prisoner." A couple of years later I started my internet journey with AO(hel)L and decided to continue the use of this identity - with the previously mentioned restriction (BTW: I managed to cease my connection with AO(hel)L after 9 years, which in itself is an adventure...)

Since I had DPrisoner, I decided that DVillage would be an appropriate domain (I promise, this will be the end of D[insert word].

My Background
I was born either at the end of the 60's or the beginning of the 70's (depending on where you start your decades - with X0 or X1) but my ex-wife thought of me - generationally speaking - as being part of the 50's.

I suffered 7 years in Catholic school, which failed to prepare me for the real world - so that when I went to junior high at a public school I spent 3 years there (it was only a 2 year school.) I finished high-school, and did some community college (where I was in a Photography program.)

Occupationally, I have been a paper boy, bus boy (2 days,) bagel chipper, book seller, theatre worker (and manager,) poster shop worker (and manager,) memorabilia seller, and currently working in television (program and operations.) Throw into that mix, the afore mentioned college radio stint, and you pretty much can figure out that I'm a media junkie (of sorts.)

Some of my interests

    • British Comedies (Python, Reggie Perrin, As Time Goes By, Bottom, Spaced, &c...)


    • British Telefantasy (Dr. Who, Blake's 7, Star Cops, Survivors, &c...)


    • British Dramas (Life on Mars, Spooks, Waking the Dead, &c...)


    • Even some American stuff (Medium, Smallville, ER, Gilmore Girls, &c...)


    • I don't read as much as I used to, but I do manage to keep up on the Harry Potter series (books and movies,) as well as the Georgia Nichols book series.


  • Even though I was born and raised in California, I like to play cricket (not very well...)

My stint in radio has caused my music tastes to be kind of a jumble. I spend my time these days listening to BBC Radio 2 on the internet. Radio 2 is like a college station, but they have long time professionals running it, and access to a vast archive of music - so I find it very cool.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to read about me.

If you're really nosey, here's my Curriculum Vitae.

Comments, question, and other correspondence can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Current employment
Northern California Public Broadcasting
(formerly KTEH-TV Foundation.)

San Jose, CA
2005-Current: Broadcast Scheduling Manager
2000-2005: Continuity Coordinator
1998-2005: Traffic Coordinator
1997-2004: Master Control Air-Operator (relief only from 1998-2004)

Originally hired as an Air-Operator, moved into Traffic within 8 months, though I continued to serve as a vacation relief operator for six more years. In the fall of 2000 took on the responsibility of the scheduling of on-air promos and filler material. As of 2005, title changed to reflect the addition of program scheduling. Plus I also do some periodic on-air pledge pitching, and occasional continuity announcements.

Previous Employment
San Louis Obispo, CA
1996-1997: Sales Clerk

Theatre Service
Santa Rosa, CA
1995-1996: Oaks 5, Cupertino - Manager
1994-1995: Southshore Cinemas, Alameda - Assistant Manager

MTS, Inc
Sacramento, CA
1993-1995: Tower Records, Emeryville - Sales Clerk, Deposit Clerk

Espresso Roma Corp
Berkeley, CA
1991-1993: Graphitti, Berkeley - Sales Clerk, Manager

Syufy Enterprises
San Francisco, CA
1990: Century 10, Emeryville - Usher, Projection
1989: Century 25, San Jose - Usher, Assistant Manager

Crown Books
Santa Clara, CA
1989: Los Altos - Assistant Manager
1988: Sunnyvale - Assistant Manager
1986-1988: Westgate, San Jose - Sales Clerk

Summer of 1986 I made bagel chips, and in 1985 I worked for 2 days as a bus boy.
I also was a paper boy in 1983 (kid's these days don't get to do that anymore.)

DeAnza College
Cupertino, CA

1995: Film History
1987-1989: Film/TV Production, Photography, Computer Graphics

Laney College
Oakland, CA

1990-1995: Photography, Audio Production, Desktop Publishing

Los Gatos High School
Los Gatos, CA

1985-1989: TV Production, Photography, General Education

Other Experience
Slilconventions, ltd.
San Jose, CA

2004-Present: SiTV Manager and Scheduler 
Scheduled CCTV channel for convention, and coordinated shooting schedule of panel and events

Artistic Solutions
San Jose, CA

1997-2002: Income Book Keeper 
Handling all income receipts of the convention.

1999-2002: BCTV Manager and Scheduler 
Scheduled CCTV channel for convention, and coordinated shooting schedule of panel and events

KALX-90.7 FM
Berkeley, CA

1992-1995: On Air Programmer
Fancy name for a Disc Jockey. Selected music, engineered and announced 3-hour long radio programs.

1992-1995: Film Close Ups - Engineer, Reviewer, Producer
Started as engineer for weekly broadcast. Periodic review of movies. Produced other review segments, and coordinated ticket give-away with local theatres.

1993-1995: Programmers Review Committee
Reviewed other programmers (DJ) and awarded year long broadcast slots.

1992-1995: Spot Producer
Produced a variety of Promos, PSA, and co-promotion spots for use on-air.

1991-1992: News - Copywriter, Reporter, Anchor, Engineer
Wrote stories from variety of sources, occasionally acting as reporter and as anchor. Also served as broadcast engineer for newscasts.

UC Media Services
Berkeley, CA

1991-1993: Journalism School News Program: Camera, Audio, Technical Director

San Jose, CA

1986-1988: (volunteer) Camera Operator, Chyron

As I mentioned before, I was born and raised in California - so how did I end up playing cricket?

Well, in grade school we had a the two brothers from one of the -stan countries (I honestly can't remember which one) and they were the first to introduce me, in a round about way, to the sport of cricket. Mainly, it was the fact that they played softball mit-less, but it started questions rolling.

It also has to be said that I have been watching British television since the mid-70's, so I had seen cricket in some form (usually Python form.) But it came to greater attention in 1982 when Peter Davison took over the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who, in his cricket outfit - even playing in one story. My fanaticism took over, and I needed to learn to play...

In 1983 I started to practice with the Stanford University team, even playing in a few league matches (I think I may have even scored one run against my name!) But, alas, rules eventually get enforced - and not being a student of the university I had to stop playing.

So about 21 years later, not playing (equipment which was originally being discarded when I first played, was collecting dust and insects) I caught some professional match highlights on the cable, and hit the local Yahoo! page and found that there is a non-university affiliated league in my area.  So I started practicing with them (for about 8 months, then they changed their practice session to a more inconvenient time - but I plan to start again soon...)

Also, in the same year, I went to my first Doctor Who convention in 16 years in LA (The 13th Floor of Gallifrey One) and they have a cricket match at the end of the weekend. I went again for their 14th convention, and now have some proof of my playing:
This is me bowling for the Wirrin. We lost again to the Platypus this year, but it was an extremely tight match. I lifted this from the convention's gallery.

And this one is the Wirren from the 2004 convention (I'm on the far right.)

Also, here are a couple of other cricket links:

San Jose Thunderbolts

Here's a picture that was sent to me recently of either a bowler in action, or some poor guy falling from the sky ;op

Here's another one I found on the net. It's of a South African player named Cronje balancing a ball on his nose (from EMPICS - click picture for their site.)

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