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Rode down to the Pavillion for dinner this evening, at a little place called Tengu Sushi. I had a plate of -you guessed it - Sushi! Plus a root beer.

Here is my dinner, along with my special "dinner hat" and some of the Pavillion.

Total Miles: 2.8
Spent: $11.95

Say that 10 times fast...

This evening I biked to Tico's Tacos, a mainstay of cheap mexican cuisine in San Jose since 1957. I had two plain quesadillas, a mexican hot dog, and a Sprite.

When I first got my bike in February, I would bike here. It's only 0.7 miles from my home, so it was good practice...

Total Miles: 1.4
Spent: $7.58
Another hot day doing stuff, just a quick little 2.5 mile round trip in the cooler evening.

Total Miles: 2.6
Spent: $0.00
Had other things going on today, so I just took a little late evening ride.

Total Miles: 2.8
Spent: $0.00
Took another little lunch break ride to Togo's, consumed a 6" #22 (cheese) and a root beer, and then back to work. Only bad thing was heading north to lunch, and west back to work (doing a circle) I was riding into the wind...

Total Miles: 1.0 Spent: $6.04
Had originally planned to ride at lunch today, but work took over. So it was a quick liitle 2 mile ride after doing the laundry.

Total Miles: 2.0
Spent: $0.00
Rode back to San Pedro Square this evening, for a dinner and a movie. Still only 1.3 miles away, I decided this time to go to a restaurant called Peggy Sue's where I had the "Porky Pig" (1/4 lb. burger with mild cheddar cheese and two strips of thick smoked bacon) and a strawberry and banana milk shake.

Today I decided to take in dinner at Togo's, though a different one than normal (the one by work would have been a 3 mile journey one way, this one was just 1.8 each way...)

Needing to go to work later than normal today (as I am working later...) I decided to take a morning ride. It was a nice, cool, overcast morning - so the 2 mile round trip wasn't much of a sweat. No actual destination again, just a ride to ride...

Total Miles: 2.0
Spent: $0.00
Doing other things most of the day, and I didn't feel like eating out, so I just rode my bike just to ride it. Roughly a 2 mile roundtrip that took me through San Jose's Japan Town (ooohh, how tempting it was to stop for sushi!)

Total Miles: 2.0 Spent $0.00
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