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Been busy with a project, plus I wasn't feeling too good from the heat, so I didn't ride today. I suspect that this coming week will be more no ride days than not...

Total Miles: 0.0
Spent: $0.00
Had a lot to do, so just a quick ride out to buy a lottery ticket, then to dinner at the local KFC.

Total Miles:1.3
Spent: $9.31

Rode back out to San Pedro Square, where on Wednesday's they run a movie in the middle of the road.

Late evening ride to dinner, this time taking me back to the Foster's Freeze, where I had a double bacon cheese burger with a strawberry/banana milk shake. Probably not a long enough ride to compensate for that one ;o)

Total miles: 2.4
Spent: $6.85
Another quick little ride down the road and back (with a quick stop for a lottery ticket...)

Total Miles: 1.8
Spent: $5.00
Did the same ride I did yesterday morning, this time at 5:30 in the evening...

Total miles: 1.4
Spent: $0.00
Going into work late, so I did a quick little ride again...

Total miles: 1.4
Spent: $0.00
Going in late to work, so I had a quick little ride up the street this morning.

Total Miles: 1.4
Spent: $0.00
Fosters-p.jpgWell... Maybe not. I did however bike to the local Foster Freeze this evening. I had not set out to go anywhere in particular, but after filling my tires (it makes a difference...) I made the decision to turn up 4th street. After that, I thought that I might go to the Wienerschnitzel - but on the opposing corner (and on this side of the intersection) was the Foster Freeze...

There you have it. Sprite, banana split, "dinner hat" and my bike tethered in the background (I had also eaten a hot dog...)

Total Miles 2.4
Spent: $6.91
Well, not really. I did however go to the San Jose Municipal Golf Course for lunch. I had a sandwich (not as ordered) a root beer (flat, and not filled all the way) and chips (complementary.) I probably will not be going back anytime soon.

Total Miles: 0.6 (though that's 0.3 to the street side of the property, where I had to ride further in, so it's more like 1.0 - 1.2 miles...)
Spent: $7.12
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