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DPrisoner (Feb 2002, with hat on backwards - silly man...)

History of DPrisoner
DPrisoner was my first e-mail address with AO(hel)L. I wanted Prisoner, but it was taken, and at that time AO(hel)L had a maximum character count that prevented me from getting ThePrisoner.

The reasoning behind the use of D/The Prisoner came from the television series of the same name starring Patrick McGoohan. Not only have I been a fan of the series for most of my life (I was around 6 years old when I first watched it) but I am also the sixth child in my family and have been referred to by many names (including my female siblings!!) and by my number - the same number that McGoohan's character was referred to in the series.

When in the early 90's I found myself doing some college radio, I decided to go by the pseudonym "The Prisoner." A couple of years later I started my internet journey with AO(hel)L and decided to continue the use of this identity - with the previously mentioned restriction (BTW: I managed to cease my connection with AO(hel)L after 9 years, which in itself is an adventure...)

Since I had DPrisoner, I decided that DVillage would be an appropriate domain (I promise, this will be the end of D[insert word].

My Background
I was born either at the end of the 60's or the beginning of the 70's (depending on where you start your decades - with X0 or X1) but my ex-wife thought of me - generationally speaking - as being part of the 50's.

I suffered 7 years in Catholic school, which failed to prepare me for the real world - so that when I went to junior high at a public school I spent 3 years there (it was only a 2 year school.) I finished high-school, and did some community college (where I was in a Photography program.)

Occupationally, I have been a paper boy, bus boy (2 days,) bagel chipper, book seller, theatre worker (and manager,) poster shop worker (and manager,) memorabilia seller, and currently working in television (program and operations.) Throw into that mix, the afore mentioned college radio stint, and you pretty much can figure out that I'm a media junkie (of sorts.)

Some of my interests






My stint in radio has caused my music tastes to be kind of a jumble. I spend my time these days listening to BBC Radio 2 on the internet. Radio 2 is like a college station, but they have long time professionals running it, and access to a vast archive of music - so I find it very cool.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to read about me.

If you're really nosey, here's my Curriculum Vitae.

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